FootWedge & Toeband Set

The footwedge & Toeband set is the equivalent of a toothbrush and flossing set for your feet! Ten minutes, twice a day will dramatically improve your foot function and reduce the risk of running related pain. Detailed instructional videos are include in the pro version of the analysis.



Delivery time: 1-3 Workdays


The foot has evolved to support the body so that humans can stand and walk without pain. Conventional shoes cramp the toes, twist or untwist the foot unnaturally and weaken the muscles in the foot. Other areas of the body compensate for this unstable basis which can lead to pain in joints such as the hip, knee and back.

Good news: Toega (yoga for your toes) exercises can help to improve strength, unlock or lock the foot with its arch and position of the big toe – thus providing a stable basis. Locking and unlocking exercises with the ´my Foot´ Foot Wedges (developed by Lee Saxby) as well as streching exercises with the help of the ´myFoot´ toe fitness band help to correct the natural function of the foot and the spreadability of the big toes.

General toega excercises and further helpful information is accessible in the myFoot App.

Your specific corrective exercises for the foot wedges and the toeband will be displayed in the solutions section of the Pro Version.

Foot Wedges and Toe Fitness Band