Foot Wedges and Toe Fitness Band

FootWedge & Toeband Set

The footwedge & Toeband set is the equivalent of a toothbrush and flossing set for your feet! Ten minutes, twice a day will dramatically improve your foot function and reduce the risk of running related pain. Detailed instructional videos are include in the pro version of the analysis.

Functional Footwear

Functional Footwear is a category of footwear designed to improve and maintain the natural function of the human foot. Find the perfect shoe for your foot type here and improve your foot function with every step you take.


Joe NimbleToes


A minimalist shoe designed with the concept of causing minimal interference to natural foot function in mind. The nimbleToes combines the biomechanical and sensory benefits of being barefoot with the protection and extra traction you would expect from a conventional sports shoe.

Joe Nimble nimbleToes Trail

nimbleToes Trail

The nimbleToes Trail is the rugged, country cousin of the nimbleToes.
Designed to deliver a minimalist running experience whilst acknowledging the challenges of running in nature, the nimbleToes Trail has a specially designed off-road outsole for extra traction and enhanced materials on the toe box and upper for more durability.

Joe NImbleToes addict

nimbleToes Addict

The first of it’s kind, the nimbleToes Addict is the first running shoe to offer the benefits of Functional Footwear to the 95% of runners who are ‘heel-strikers’.
Based on the proven Joe Nimble ‘toefreedom®’ last, it’s anatomically correct toe box and zero heel elevation combined with an optimal level of mid-sole protection is perfect for the recreational runner who runs predominately on the road.

Sole thickness

The thickness of the sole will vary depending on the activity (forces
acting on the foot) and the terrain. In activities that require maximum sensory feedback, a thin sole is appropriate, but in activities that expose the foot to large, repetitive loads (marathon running) or unstable, irregular substrates (trail running), a thicker sole to provide more cushioning or increased traction is appropriate.

Age and Adaptability

As the foot ages it’s flexibility, strength and adaptability is reduced. Therefore, the biomechanical stimuli associated with thin soled, flexible shoes and considered beneficial to a young foot maybe destructive to an older foot (>40 years).

* It is important to remember that if the human brain receives too much
sensory input it will be perceived as potentially harmful and be felt as
pain in the organ being stimulated. Too much light is felt as pain in the
eyes, too much noise is felt as pain in the ears and too much “ground feel”
is felt as pain in the feet.